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Being Accurate and cost Efficient is Our #1 Priority

Time and money are related and we try to save you both.
Making sure you have no leaks is essential during and after any call out, we will advise you all the way.
If your hot tub or spa jet pressure is less than usual, or won't start at all, your pipework may be blocked or scaled up.
If your not heating you will probably need a new element or sensor to make it work.
If your hot tub pump has seen better days and your hesitating to replace it because of high costs, get in touch for alternatives.

Hot Tub Installation

Over the years we have installed and advised on thousands of hot tub installations.

We can advise on location, size, brand and installation if required, we are trained electricians so our knowledge on cables and electrical components is also priceless. Get in touch if you need help to install your new or second hand spa.

Quality Genuine Parts

We pride ourselves on offering the best components available to the hot tub / spa industry.

In many cases identical parts are the only solution, but because we have the experience sometimes are there are alternatives and then there is the ability to upgrade or replace something with a superior part for example upgrading a unnamed Chinese control system to a quality branded part from America like Balboa.

Balboa Parts Cornwall

How to Decide Between New Control Systems

Old spas or cheap new ones, sometimes it more cost effective to just replace the control system to something you can trust.
What system is right for me?

The system has to cover the requirement, for example 2 or 3 pumps a light and an air blower and that specification will define the price.

The current best brands are the tried and tested brands like Balboa where you can rely on it to work in a simply and efficient way, and if it did fail in the future the spares are affordable and available.

What Add ons can i have?

If you are repairing its probably best to just fix the problem, however modern control systems come with Wi-Fi connections and apps to manage things like pumps switching on and off.

Most hot tubs don’t have TV’s and Stereos because of reliability but they can be added is space allows.

How much will it cost?

It very much depends on the parts required, from being fixable and just needing a fuse for £3 to complete control system upgrade / replacement which could cost in excess of £1000.

Hot tub parts are not necessarily expensive however if you need more than one it can add up, which is why our experience of getting the right part first time can be priceless.

We  can prove which part is required, then prove the other parts work and finally tell you what caused it so it doesn’t happen again.

What size hot tub system do I need?

The best system would be one that fits in the space provided by the old system without much modification to the plumbing and other components inside your hot tub.

What is better: Chlorine or Bromine?

Firstly all hot tubs required a santiser of some sort and there are many on the market, however the main 2 used in the UK are Chlorine and Bromine.

Chlorine is a strong sanitiser and comes with a smell similar to your local council swimming pool, is is probably the most cost effective method of sanitation and is certainly the most commonly used. Comes as a quick dissolving powder and a slow dissolving tablet.

Bromine has a very different smell, is more expensive and needs to be shocked every couple of weeks to help it stay active. It is seen as less harmful to skin and components and therefore its usually recommended by hot tub manufacturers. Comes mostly as a slow dissolving tablet.

There are many other ways to sanitise a hot tub, all of which use a chemical of some form at some stage, how ever there is no such thing as a chemical free solution that can keep you safe from Bacteria and pseudonyms.

Hot Tub Repair Cornwall

Equipement Installation

We have the expertise to fit the right part the first time and get your hot tub up and running quickly.

Years of experience mean we can diagnose the part requirement quickly to get your hot tub back up and running in a timely manner. We come equipped with all the tools we need to remove test and fit all the hot tub components that would be inside / under your hot tub. We usually resolve the hot tub fault during on the first visit with the parts we carry on the van, however if we cant we will quote you and explain you what we have tested to decide on the specific parts quoted and probably even tell you what caused them to fail so it can be prevented from happening again.

Solid Gold Service

We work fast, efficiently, professionally and cost effectively.

At ‘Hot Tub Help’ we have an old fashioned ethic to our work and take pride in what we do, our experience only gives half the story. When you accept a quote or request a call out we offer a professional level which is second to none in our industry.

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Customer Service is Our #1 Priority

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